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Category Title
App/Misc 😍 Using rich text markup
App/Misc 🎵 Use Spotify to listen to an artist at the venue you're currently gazing at
App/Misc 🚶‍♂️ Guide me to a hotspot using LineNav™
App/Misc ❗ User generated content policy
App/Misc ❗ Report a marker which violates the user generated content policy
App/Misc 🚗 Generate an API Token
App/Misc 🥽 Oculus Quest version
App/Misc 🧍 Ready Player Me partner
App/Map 🗺️ Map overview
App/Marker 🔰 Share a digital marker with your friends
App/Marker 🔰 Retrieve a shared marker
App/Marker 🔰 Select an existing marker
App/Marker 🔰 Marker overview
App/Marker 🔰 Marker favourites
App/Privacy 🔍 Protecting your GPS location privacy
App/Privacy ❗ Personal data processed when sharing markers
App/Hotspot ❌ Select an existing hostpot
App/Hotspot ❌ Hotspot overview
Website/Misc 🤔 What is Geospatial Augmented Reality (GeoAR)?
Website/Misc ☁️ Open AR Cloud
Website/Misc 💰 Buy MetARverse digital assets
Website/Misc 📺 Buy an advertsing billboard and place on your land
Website/Misc 💳 Get ENJIN digital wallet
Website/Misc 🗨️ Vision and mission
Website/Map ⌨️ Interact with maps using your keyboard & mouse
Website/Overview 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 What is a digital twin?
Website/Api 🤓 How can I generate code in my own development language to access the API ?
Website/Api 💻 Sample C# Web client for the API
Website/Api ❌ Update hotspot data via the API
Website/Api ❌ Update hotspot position via the API
Website/Api 🔑 How do I get an Api Key?
Website/NFT ✈️ What's an Airbeam NFT?
Website/NFT ✈️ What's an Airloot NFT?
Website/Venue 🔳 What can I use the blue venue QR Code for?
Website/Venue 🏡️ Venue overview
Website/Hotspot 📆 Automatically add local venues to your Google calendar
Website/Hotspot 🔳 What can I use the green hotspot QR Code for?