Thanks to Yoni Binstock, author of What is augmented reality? for his kind permission to use these quotes

What excites you the most about [geospatial] augmented reality?

I believe having the ability to render contextually-sensitive or on-demand or real-time information is the most exciting thing for me about AR. It's a humble and simple vision, really, This will likely be the way AR will have the biggest uplifting impact on the world, way before AR seeps into other areas of our lives. Overlaying fun content is all fun and dandy, but it has not left a serious mark on business and economy.

Christopher Gomez - Fund Advisor & Analyst at Leonie Hill Capital; Founder of XR Alliance

What excites me the most is that it is much easier to develop for augmented reality (AR) than virtual reality (VR). With VR, you have to close yourself off to the real world in order to enter a virtual three-dimensional world, and that means there is a lot of visual programming involved. VR has a bright future, but its application is much more limited than the future applications of AR. The reason why AR has such a bright future is that it can be used for just about anything. For the past few years, Iโ€™ve been using an AR app where I can hold my smartphone camera up to any mountain and the app will tell me the height of the mountain, the trails, and all kinds of useful data when Iโ€™m looking at the mountain. I know it will be great for tourism and the outdoors to mention just a few examples. Iโ€™m excited about the future of AR because it has so many possible applications that can improve our work and our life.

Daniel Burrus โ€“ Leading Global Futurist, NYTimes and Amazon Author of 7 best selling books, and serial entrepreneur

Contextual information is the real strength of AR. It enhances our reality with virtual data which makes us more efficient in our everyday life. We'll be better at traveling, working, communicating, and assessing information. It is going to save us a lot of time and avoid many mistakes.

Fabien Barati - CEO of Emissive

AR is a key technology to enable knowledge and will be the future of information exchange. Getting information at the right time and the right place will guide us through our daily life.

Jan Pflueger โ€“ Founder of advisXR & Coordination AR & VR Center of Competence, Audi AG

I think AR is going to be the next major shift in human-computer interaction interfaces. As other big steps in the past, it will enhance the way we interact not only with technology, but also with reality, and I think therein lies the power of AR. GPS could be considered a form of AR and it is undeniable the impact it has had when it has been widely available in our smartphones, anytime, anywhere. AR is going to enhance that by providing a much richer contextual computing opportunity. Technology will be able to better understand our surroundings and provide useful interactions when needed.

Iker Jamardo Zugaza โ€“ Tech Lead for WebXR at Google Daydream

The most exciting element of augmented reality is its potential to democratize skills and spatial intelligence. In the near future, we will live in a world where every object we look at will have a layer of information it tells us.

Leslie Karpas Oliver - President & Co-Founder at Lexset

AR has the ability to transform the world around us and is the natural extension of the camera, where the camera, through CPUs and software, is starting to see and comprehend the things it sees. With that comes a wide range of possibilities to place objects in a spatial context, as well as read in data streams, and change the world around us. Thatโ€™s why Iโ€™m so excited about AR.

Michael Levine โ€“ Founder and Creative Director at HappyGiant

In the next 2 years, we'll see the "AR Cloud/Mirrorworld " start to mature, with nearly all AR devices being able to know instantly, with very high precision, where they are in the world, and where they are looking. We'll be able to use the "digital twin" that's been created of the world to occlude virtual content

Patrick O'Shaughnessey โ€“ Founder and Chief Developer at Patched Reality

Iโ€™m hoping AR brings an extension of what Google has already done. By indexing knowledge, it eliminated the need to occupy cognitive space with rote facts.

Mike Boland โ€“ Founder and Chief Analyst at ARtillery Intelligence

The holy grail of AR is to realize an AR "GPS ," thereby allowing us to be able to know what we are looking at anywhere in the world and allowing the precise overlay of info on the real world.

Yohan Baillot โ€“ Founder and CEO at ARCortex