Find local gigs, clubs and festivals.

Venues have stacked Musicboxes, with each showcasing a particular scheduled artist. Gaze at an artists MusicBox™ to listen to a sample of the artist. Click 'Buy' to grab your ticket.

Scan to see what events are on around you

AutoPi.io telemetrics IOT integration

Integration with the AutoPi.io IOT platform lets you just gaze at your car to check it's vital statistics. If you can't remember where you left your car just guide to it using LineNav™ï¸.

Tesla integration is planned.

Scan to guide to your car

View bus, train and underground information

Every UK bus stop, train station and tube station, along with their entrances, have been mapped so that you can just gaze at a stop to see it's schedule and buy a ticket. Screenshot is from the GeoAR.It app in non augmented reality mode. Your surrounding 3D environment is built in realtime from UK digital data.

Scan to see nearby stops

See detailed digital data around you

Pro mode renders buildings, roads, paths, grassland and other areas to the meter. Screenshot from app in non AR mode.

Scan to load buildings & surrounding areas in detail mode

Visualise historical crime around you

Pinpoint historical crime hotsposts around you. Data is categorised by crime type and the latest outcome of the police investigation is available, along with the local force contact details (telephone, Facebook, twitter etc).

Scan to see historical crime

View sale / rental details for a house

Gaze at a house to find out the sale / rental details. If you want more information just press one of the buttons to call the agent or visit the website page.

Scan to see houses around you for sale or to rent

View postcodes and property ID's

Gaze at a property to get its UPRN. The UPRN can be used to identify the official UK ID of the property you're interested in. You'll also see local postcodes around you. In the future you'll be able to see the historical information of the property 

Scan to see UPRNs and postcodes around you

Find the nearest electric vehicle chargepoint

Charging point information contains details such as owner, scheme, connection types supported, contact telephone number, website, access restrictions, payment details and more.

Scan to see local charge points