❗ Report a marker which violates the user generated content policy

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To report a marker which has been shared to you and voilates the User generated content policy simply select the marker from the dropdown list to display the Guide window. There is a red 'Report' button on the bottom right hand side of the window which will open a dialog box for you to explain why it violates the policy.

If the volumes get too much for me to handle I'll be looking for moderators to give me a hand.

Moderators will receive app credits for each modertation which will enable extra functionality in the app.

I'll also build in a moderator chat forum in the future and possibly a bio page so that you can be shown on a moderator page if you wish.

If you would like be a potential moderater please just drop your name and email address into the feedback section at the bottom of the page prefixed with Moderator. e.g (Moderator Ian ian@geoar.it)

This service is initailly launching in the UK as a test bed so UK moderators would be ideal initially.