Sample web app has been updated. 🔰 Version 1.0.16 of the GeoARIt.Api nuget package released. Over 6.2k developers have downloaded the package so far 🔰 Website is 95% complete. Only reporting is outstanding. 🔰 Android App is 90% complete. 🔰 API bearer tokens have been updated. Get your new key here 🔰 Exporting a Venues Hotspots to KML issue has been fixed.

GeoAR.it® is a geospatial augmented reality platform.
Vision and mission

Businesses: Setup 3D informational hotspots ❌ and 3D audio 🎧 at geo locations for others to find using the GeoAR.it app.

The attributes on each hotspot enables you modify its behaviour and appearance. There's an API to push realtime data to a hotspot property or to move its geographic location.

Individuals: View augmented information at hotspots. You can also drop shareable digital markers 🔰 to help your friends visually find you using LineNav™️.

Additional hotspot information is supplied from a number of external providers. Android app is due late 2024.