® is part of the geospatial augmented reality based social MetARverse® platform. Vision and mission

Businesses: Setup 3D informational hotspots ❌ and 3D audio 🎧 at precise locations for others to find using their smartphone camera. 9 attributes on each 3D model let you modify its behaviour and appearance. There's an API to push realtime data to a hotspot or move its location.

Individuals: View augmented information at hotspots. You can also drop shareable digital markers 🔰 to help your friends visually find you using LineNav™️ and you'll be able to purchase digital assets to leave around the country or to trade on Enjins NFT marketplace. Use your Enjin wallet to store Airbeam and Airloot collectable NFTs as well as NFT's from other platforms.

Additional hotspot information is supplied from a number of external providers. Android app is due late 2022, iOS app and an Oculus quest version is planned.