🧑‍🤝‍🧑 What is a digital twin?
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The GeoAR.it platform has a variety of databases containing many different features of physical items and instances in the UK which are all tagged with the latitude and longitude position. Additional physical features and instances are retreived from various websites such as Ordnance Survey and Police UK. This allows a virtual, contextual rich, 3D environment to be built around you which can be viewed using the camera on your smartphone with the GeoAR.it app. This is commonly known as a digital twin. See Facebook posts or the integrations page for the infrastructure already stored (Roads, buildings, bus stops etc)

Physical objects

Any digital object which replicates a realword physical object is classed as a digital twin :-

  • Road

  • Building

  • Coffee Machine

  • Car

  • Industrial Machine


An event which happened at a specific location is also a digital twin :-

Context sensitivity

The app is also context sensitive so you'll get information overlayed to inform you what you are looking at and some features have built in interactions :-

Point the crosshair at the road and it will reveal the road name and number.
Point it to a plot of land and it will tell you the type of land. Woodland, Marsh, Sports facility, Hospital, Foreshore, Scree etc.
Point it at a bustop to find out the next bus due.
Point it at a house to get the sales / rental details. Press the call agent button to arrange a viewing

All functionality will be revealed when the Android app is released.


There are 5 dimensions to make something truely unique :-

  • Latitude

  • Longitude

  • Altitude

  • Time

  • Instance